Who we are

Hi, I am Andreas, the founder of Goodminer.

I am an IT entrepreneur since more than 10 years. Native Russian speaker, I have been living in Germany for 25 years and working in Berlin, Moscow and San Francisco. During this time I see that it is getting more and more difficult to find capable developers and IT staff, especially in Germany. For my own IT projects I could barely find any developers in Berlin. Many friends of mine - entrepreneurs, HR colleagues, managers - have been facing the same experience with IT recruiting.

The problem was really painful for my company, so I started to look for people in Russia, where I was born. For my projects and for several friendly startups I could find very good IT employees, who now work remotely or relocated to Berlin, and it works great!

After the successful exit of my previous IT startup, I decided to start Goodminer - the IT recruiting platform with abroad developers, mostly from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Because we know from our own experience, how painful it is, to find good developers today, we help employers to solve this problem. We make the hiring process easy, fast and inexpensive.

Meet our team

Andreas Schwarzkopf
Lilia Koch
Herman Koch
Anton Malanchuk
Back-end Developer
Dasha Kornieieva
Veronika Ganenko
Visa Support
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